How Cloud Can Shake the Market

Cloud computing is not new anymore. The term has been used repeatedly over the last two years, and it has well established itself as a rather permanent part of several businesses in many industries which use the Internet nowadays.  Technically, every business cannot survive now without a computer that hosts all their data and important files. With recent developments of cloud computing, particularly those solving privacy and security issues, you cannot think of anymore graver reason why you should not consider moving to this concept and leaving the traditional servers behind. In this article, we will talk about how the cloud can shake the market.

How Cloud Computing Helps Us

For the benefit of those who are not familiar with cloud computing, this is defined as a platform where businesses and individuals can share and access resources online. With the use of the cloud storage space and applications, there is more efficiency to data access on demand.

Many companies and organizations now utilize this technology to save costs as well. There will be no need to train their human resources and staff members on how to use and maintain physical servers. Moreover, they will not need to rent out a space to store these bulky devices. As everything is in the virtual space, there is no need to be worry in case of emergencies such as fires, earthquakes and the like.

Cloud computing is a self-maintained app of which services are part of the package offered by the vendor or the host. Companies hence are not required to update software needed to run the business smoothly. Everything is handled by the vendor of the cloud computing service, and they can be contacted for any configuration or concern anytime.

A survey had been ran from 2010 to determine the future of cloud computing. Respondents were small, medium and large institutions and companies. Overall result said that they would be willing to spend and invest over 11 percent of their budget on IT for cloud computing.

Layers of the Cloud

The cloud embodies the following unique features that nothing else has:

1. Software as a Service

Apart from the many advantages of using the cloud to store data, one of the unique features that make it truly stand out is that it functions as a software. Compared to customary storage areas, the cloud enables users to use applications and access them through web browsers anywhere and anytime with the Internet. This feature is more popularly called as “Software as a Service” or SaaS for short. This essentially means that users can have control over their files in Google Docs, and the like.

2. Platform as a Service

Next is that the cloud acts as a platform whereby users can use it to develop their own applications. Good examples here are Google App Engine and Microsoft Windows Azure. End users can access the cloud to have control over application design, as it provides a mobile operating system for clients.

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