How to Set Up and Optimize Your Business Account on Instagram?

If you are heading to Instagram to promote your business, just keep your personal account separate. Marketing is all about your target audience, not about you. So, keep your Costa Rica trip snapshots and selfies on your personal account only. They won’t get any sales to your business. You can appear on your business’s Instagram page, but not all the time.  Here’s how to optimize your business presence on Instagram for great appeal.

Add a Link to Your Site to Boost Traffic

You have only one take to lead a click to your site on Instagram. It is your bio where your link can be clicked. Just under your name and description on the top of the page, you can place your link. Add a link to your online store only or a landing page you want.

Consistent Name with Photo

If the pieces are not fit with each other easily to explain about your brand, all of your Instagram efforts will be worthless. You have to stay identified. Choose your Instagram name which is related to, or as same as, your corporate identity over social media channels. Also, keep your profile image consistent. Have a small thumbnail on profile picture to keep your image consistent.

Add an Interesting and Informative Bio to Attract Followers

Before hitting the “Follow” button, people may want to check out your profile. Be sure to have an informative and catchy bio before people decide to follow you. Add a concise description about your business and business name. No salty tone! Keep it interesting and simple. Instagram is a different social culture which is not like your online store or other social media services. So, design a bio which can attract your target Instagram community.

Confused? Go through this simple formula of writing an attractive bio –

Who you are + What is Your Business + Something about Your Personality.

Hashtags and keywords really don’t matter as they cannot be searched on the bio. Sometimes, you need to add a hashtag on your bio. To promote your latest product launch, sale or campaign, you can always edit your bio. You can always promote your campaign by changing your bio with adding a link.

Offer Exclusive Promotions and Announcements

Pump up the feeds of your followers with bonuses, insider announcements, and special offers. Around 41% of Instagram users admit that they are likely to follow a brand to give that incentive to the followers. You can add promotion on the photo with a text overlay that is a visual and stylish way to announce discounts and sales. You can use some of the free apps to choose the message, font and text positioning over the image. An informative and appealing promotion can easily fit under the visual square.

This way, Starbucks uses appealing autumn images and hashtags like #PSL and #PumpkinSpiceLatte in order to announce the well-known seasonal drink on the menu. On Instagram, you can post shop updates with the release of the item. You may sell out stocks really at an unbelievable speed by including sales and announcements on your Instagram and offer exclusive details to your fans.

Share Exclusive Access and Promote Events on Instagram

Geo-tagging is surprisingly very effective and barely-used tool on Instagram. Only 5% of posts tag location. According to recent statistics, posts with location tagging can get around 79% more user engagement. Geo-tag appears over your picture and is used to show the location (city, street address, or country) where your store is physically located. With geo-tagging, you can let the buyers know where they can find and buy your products. Instagram is used by several brands to promote events.