Twitter shows off its savagely honest users in playful jab at rival platforms

Twitter is staking itself as a social media platform where folks are more real than they’re on alternative social sites with a brand new out-of-home (OOH) campaign.

The effort from Twitter is going to be seen by commuters in San Francisco and New York City through 9 August. In the ads, users compare how they act on Twitter as compared to Instagram and Facebook.

Some are funny, like one that shows an impressive horse next to 1 with a dorky smile, with text that claims “Me on Instagram vs me on Twitter,” that means that they feel more well-off being who they actually are instead of having to look good.

Another says “Me on Facebook: Look how pretty and busy my life is! Hi mom! Me on Twitter: oh god what am I doing adulthood is frightening and confusing.”

Others are a bit more serious, as well as one tweet of a rainbow flag next to a black-and-white striped flag with the text “Me on Twitter vs me on Facebook” – probably highlighting how one user feels more well-off expressing their sexual identity on Twitter.

A total of 31 similar Tweets are going to be featured in consecutive panels across six subway and metro stations within the 2 cities. There’ll be 121 in total placements in NYC and 128 in total placements in San Francisco.